The stylist / guest relationship is one that is both intimately personal and unique. At LG Howard & Company we have an “Open Chair” Policy. What that means, is that we want to help you find just the right fit, and sometimes that takes a couple of “dates.” Each guest is a guest of LG Howard & Company not of any one specific stylist. So if you have your hair done, love the salon, but aren't feeling that connection with your stylist, we want you to feel free to sit in another chair and find the stylist of your dreams!


Salon assistants are recent or future graduates who are in training to be a stylist with LG Howard & Company. During this training, they may perform rituals of renewal and blow dry’s on salon guests as a part of learning about the culture of the salon. Training includes product knowledge, importance of rituals of renewal, technical ability on both mannequins and models, as well as other skills to ensure the success of the stylist and satisfaction of the guest.


Many salon guests are looking for excellent service and style while staying within a beauty budget.  Level one stylists have graduated from a top cosmetology school as well as having completed our customized LG Howard & Company training program. Our level one stylists are still building their books as well as continuing their education within the Aveda network. They are licensed professionals who work under the guidance of our more seasoned hair stylists.



These stylists have been promoted to level two due to their hard work and commitment to honing their craft. They have shown dedication to Aveda’s points of difference, LG Howard’s culture, and by bettering their skill set each and every day.


Our level three stylists have met our requirements for education and have proven their expertise and proficiency. They are known for their commitment and dedication to being on the forefront of  new techniques and trends. These stylists help to educate and mentor our assistants, as well as, other stylists.