New Year New Blog

Hello everyone! Welcome to LG Howard & Company’s new blog!!

I hope you all have enjoyed the holidays, and made some amazing memories.

I know I have had one too many Christmas cookies, but were going to get into that shortly. I wanted to start off and share a little bit about what this blog is all about, and what kind of things we will be sharing with you. As some of you know Christine and I do ‘Saturday’s with the Stylist’ on Facebook and Instagram. If you haven’t, check us out on Instagram at ‘lgowardsalon’ and on Facebook at LG Howard & Company, and don’t forget to follow us. Anyways we do fun videos going over hair tips, trends, and products that we love.

This blog will feature fun hair topics and also everything from beauty tips, meditations we love, health and fitness, and just about everything! I’d love to hear from all of you too, drop a comment on a topic you would like to read about. Seriously anything you’ve ever wanted to ask a hairstylist about, or just think would be a great topic, let us know.

Now that all of the introductions are out of the way, let’s get back to those Christmas cookies! Ya’ll don’t even know how much I love my cookies! We all have that one weakness around holidays that we can’t resist. It’s like kryptonite to Superman, we know its bad but Hey it’s the holidays! But then New Years sneaks up on us and BAM it’s time to cast away the folly of indulging in your favorite treats and set some new goals and get down to business.

“Success is goals, and all else is commentary” -Lloyd Conant

So here we are, ready to make some new goals, or New Year resolutions. Some may be getting back into shape (that’s my personal goal) or crushing a business goal at work, or maybe it’s just to stop and smell the roses more in life. Whatever it is I have some tips for you to stay on track, and be able to stay focused long after February.

I’ve been reading some material on goals lately and I’ve learned some really easy things to implement into my goal setting that kind of hit me like Whoa! How come I never thought of that? Thank goodness other people have because they are so helpful in visualizing and forming a plan to stay moving. Something I found rather interesting is an author wrote “goals without action are just wishes”. So how do you take a wish and turn it into a goal that is achievable? Make it a SMART goal.





Time Sensitive

See that, smart isn’t it? LOL

So, when you are thinking about your New Years Resolution and what you want to come out of 2019 try using this method to clearly lay out what you want to achieve. Ask yourself these questions. Is it specific enough? Can I measure my progress or results? Is this achievable in the time frame I give myself or realistically at all? Is it relevant to your life goal, or 5-year plan? And what’s your deadline? 2020? 2021?

Every year all of us at LG Howard write a personal goal, and a professional goal using the SMART system. When I sit to think about what I want to achieve in the next year, using this system helps me to make sure I’m on the right track. The next thing to do is make an action plan

-What do I need to accomplish this?
-What do I need to learn to accomplish this? -Who can help me accomplish this?
-What’s my first step? Second, and so on

That’s really important, to map it out per say. It will help you create a solid foundation. Goals can get overwhelming, trust me I know. So many times, I have blindly made a resolution on New Years Eve after not even giving it much thought, and on January 1st already given up!! Pathetic I know but remember goals without action are just wishes. Another important tool is having someone that you can ask for help. A mentor, a friend, or co-worker. Someone that has either experience relating to your goal, or can provide contacts or direction to someone who does. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

I hope you all enjoyed, and hopefully I got you fired up to take names and kick butt in 2019! I’d love to hear some of your resolutions, drop them in the comments below. May this year be our best year yet!


Posted on January 2, 2019 .