Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice


Welcome back ya’ll! It’s finally fall, and for us in Florida that means less humidity... somedays! Lol I don’t let that phase me though. I’m still going to pretend it’s fall, and you should too! There’s so many ways to submerge yourself into the longer nights and cooler days even if you can’t pull out those hoodies quite yet. The title of this months blog should give you a pretty good clue a to where I’m going with this. Let’s dive in!


So as soon as Starbucks releases their seasonal pumpkin spice latte’s I’m all in. This year however they came out with a pumpkin cold brew coffee, and let me just tell you it is ahhhmazing! It’s creamy and rich, but you can still taste the distinct flavor of a cold brew. It also isn’t so sweet or loaded with flavoring. One cup of this and you’ll be sure to get in the spirit of fall. 


Coffee and pie for so long have been the staples for a pumpkin fix, but last year I explored several recipes that included pumpkin purée and definitely will be making another appearance this year! One that my family of picky eaters was surprised they enjoyed was a roasted apple and pumpkin soup. There’s a little sweetness, a little heat and yes pumpkin! Perfect for a chilly night to warm you up. A quick search on Pinterest and you can browse all the versions. Another favorite was pumpkin ravioli with a hazelnut brown butter sauce. This was like having dessert for dinner. The kids went crazy and my husband couldn’t believe it was actually a healthy dish when served with roasted asparagus. 

There are so many amazing pumpkin recipes out there, so go ahead and give them a try. Don’t forget about your fur babies either. Yes there are even recipes for them! A local grocery store here in Sarasota has pre-made pumpkin dog treats and my pup went crazy for them last year. 

So we have food covered what are some other ways you can pumpkin spice up your fall?

Well as a hair stylist the answer is your HAIR!


Every year in the salon we have women tell us that they like to go darker for the fall and winter. Totally makes sense. However knowing that our guest are going to want to be bright again in the spring, we thought about some fun ways to deepen their hair without compromising the integrity of their locks when we’re ready to go bright again. Luckily Aveda has you covered. We have a beautiful color line that is a semi-permanent so you don’t have to make a permanent commitment. I love putting a caramel gloss on my blonde guests this time of year to really show those rich fall tones and will allow them to maintain the dimension they loved with their blonde. They are as I said a gloss as well so you get beautiful shiny hair as well as a new color. The semi-permanent line is also fully customizable as well leaving you with endless possibilities. Make sure to ask your stylist about a Demi gloss when you come in and get that fall goddess hair! 


By now you all should know I love me some Pinterest. It truly is a mecca of inspiration at your fingertips. As I was scrolling a few weeks ago I noticed a major trend on pumpkin spice makeup looks. Like what?? Yes please! Some warmer blushes in golden tones and bright orange eye shadow, I was totally hooked. Plus I love experimenting with new makeup looks as they are constantly evolving. Ask your beauty expert for ideas or do I need to say it? Check out Pinterest. 


I hope you all have an amazing November and don’t forget to leave a comment and tell us what your favorite fall activities are! 


Posted on November 4, 2019 .