Time for a reset

“Springtime is the lands awakening. The March winds are the morning yawn”

- Lewis Grizzard

Happy March everyone! Can I just tell you how much I love this month? The few really cold days we get here in sunny southwest Florida are behind us, It's the beginning of march madness, and its time to start thinking about the summer that lies ahead. Now if your reading this and your NOT living in Florida that last statement probably left you confused. Trust me we are indeed moving into summer.

The holidays are behind us, along with the amazing holiday food, and it’s time for a reset. Around this time of the year, and also in October I like to do a full reset. This starts with a cleanse of my body, and helps get all the gunk out from all those amazing holiday indulgences! However I also like to do a few other resets. Have you ever just felt like you were slugging along with all this extra weight and baggage in life? I have a few tips that will help lighten your step and get you skipping into spring!

So lets start with a body cleanse.

There's so many products you can choose from, different methods, and lengths of time. Do your research and as always talk to your doctor before starting if you have any health concerns. I’m going to share with you a few methods I've done over the years, to give you some inspiration. Enter the jack lalanne juicer! If you are familiar with this particular juicer you know just how massive this thing is. However it is super powerful and in my opinion does a fantastic job of removing the pulp, which I CANNOT STAND! So the juicing method, I juice for 3 days and do not consume any solids, meat or nuts. I usually start with a green juice in the morning containing spinach, kale, cucumber, green apple, lemon, and kiwi. Then an orange smoothie in the afternoon which is my absolute favorite! That is carrots, peaches, nectarines, ginger, and oranges. This guy is the reason you'll want a machine that removes pulp, the carrots make A LOT of pulp{shivers} for a mid-day treat, i do a simple watermelon and mint smoothie, and a purple smoothie for dinner that has beets, grapes, blueberries, purple lettuce, banana, and blackberries. Now in between these smoothies its important to drink lots and lots of water to help flush all the toxins out.

This past year I felt a little lazy and wanted to make it simple to do this at work, so I simply drank chicken or bone broth for 3 days. I still had my protein shake in the morning and snacked on crackers, fruit, and veggies if I needed something with consistency. This cleansing method can really get things moving quickly and so you don't need to cleanse long. If you make it 2 days, then you've probably done your system a lot of good. Now i know this method isn't going to pack your system full of nutrients and minerals like the above method, but i like it because your body really gets flushed! Even though fruits are considered healthy they do still have lots of sugar in them. For me personally I like to give my body a chance to flush out everything. Our bodies change every 7 years or so, we develop sensitivities to things and lose some the same way. Just because its a fruit or vegetable doesn't mean your body likes it. This method helps to clear most build up and when you return to your normal diet you'll be better able to notice if something bothers you.

If you have a great cleanse method drop it in the comments. I'd love to hear from you!

Besides your body there's so many ways to reset your life as well.

Remove clutter anywhere you can.

Another thing I do twice a year is clean out my closet. Dun Dun Duuuun! I watched a documentary a couple years ago and it changed my view of the things I hold onto. Lots of people can go into their closet and find an article of clothing that they have had for 10 years or more. Why? Do you wear it? Are you holding onto it because it reminds you of a time you felt better? The big question is “Does it bring you joy?” This was the big question in the movie I watched and it made so much sense to me. I went through my closet and tried on every single piece of clothing and asked myself, “Does it bring me joy? Does it reflect my style exactly? If i were standing in a store, would i buy it again?” If the answer was no to any one of those questions it went out the door. Harsh?? No its not harsh, its freeing! What I was left with was only items in my closet that i absolutely loved, and a whole lot of space too! I could see the items in my closet and not have to dig! I then took this thinking and applied it to everything else in my house, my car, my friends list, my priorities and you know what? I'm left with friends, tasks, items, and memories that i absolutely love!

The truth is we change… several times over in this life, and there's no reason we have to carry around all the toxic waste of the past. Cleanse your mind, your closet, your body as often as needed. You'll be skipping again no time.

Posted on March 13, 2019 .