-The one thing we all have in common is the Earth-

Happy April everyone! This month as you may or may not know is earth month, and it’s a great time to consider the environmental impacts you can make each and every day. I want to share with you ways you can make changes to ensure that we leave this earth better than we found it, for our children and every generation to come. But first a story.

When i was young every year at school we celebrated Earth month. We planted several trees, and would pick up garbage around the campus. Now even though I did not understand the extent of environmental challenges we had, I did understand the importance of preserving the beautiful planet that we have been blessed with.

I remember watching the children's movie “Ferngully” when i was around 8 and was horrified! I couldn't understand why people would be be so cruel to nature. Why did we need to tear so much down just to have more buildings? Didn’t we have enough? Didn’t they understand that we need oxygen to survive? That trees provide that for us and were tearing them down? I was so upset about this and at that moment was when i decided to always care for the earth.

Now as an adult I'm able to see so many more problems, and opportunities that make a difference. I truly believe that if we all cared for the earth all year long, we could leave it better than we found it. Below i’m going to share with you some ways that can you and your families can help. And then i’m going to share some exciting news about how AVEDA is helping people around the world this month, and all year long.

Plant a tree.

Now this seems like the most obvious and most talked about. Don’t skip this one just because it seems like the most popular. We need all the trees we can get. Plus this is an excellent way to provide shade for your home, and mature trees are great for re-sale value.

2. Invest in re-usable grocery bags. The amount of plastic bags in landfills is disturbing. Its probably one of the easiest things we can do to eliminate waste. Besides you wont have to worry about the plastic handles giving out when your trying to get your groceries inside.

3. Composting- Do you love to garden? You want to know a secret? Your garden loves your food just as much as you do! The best part it’s free!! Who doesn’t love free? Google has so many tutorials to building your own compost box, can, whatever you may decide to use. Your garden will thrive on this, and we wont need to pollute the environment with fertilizer either.

4. Spend an afternoon picking up garbage with your family. This is a great opportunity to teach children about the value of this planet we call home. You can literally leave a place better than you found it.

5. Ride a bike- Now listen I'm not saying to only ride a bike. I work 30 miles away from home. Im certainly not biking that. But if you live close to a grocery store or convenience store and you just need a soda or gallon of milk. Consider riding your bike. You'll get some sun, save gas, help the environment. It’s a win, win, win… LOL

6. Recycle- This is something that i know we have al heard for years and years, however is it a part of your daily habits? Are you consistent and thorough? I know I'm guilty of not always throwing the string cheese wrapper in the correct container. NO big deal right? If 1,000 people did that everyday, by the time we all finished our packages of 15 that would be 15,000 the reality is this is a miniature scale to what is actually thrown into landfills of non biodegradable products. Make a sign to remind yourself and family members, see if you can tip the scales of what goes into the actual garbage opposed to the recycling bins.

If you would like more ideas on how to help, Google of course knows all. Go check out more ways you can chip in to help make our planet happy again.

As I said before, I have some exciting news about AVEDA and earth month this year. I’m so proud of the company i work for because earth month is every month for AVEDA. During April every year AVEDA focuses on clean water. Not just cleaning up the oceans, but providing clean drinking water for people around the world. This year AVEDA has teamed up with ‘Charitywater’ to help reach more communities that are without life’s most vital resource. This company is incredible and i urge you to check them out and read some of the stories from people who have been blessed by this company.

You can also come into LG Howard& Co. during the month of April and pick up a limited time Shampure hand & body wash for $35 and all proceeds will go to Charitywater. If you are not local you can find an AVEDA salon, or experience store to help this amazing project.

This month is a time for new beginnings, new habits, new growth, new chances to make big differences.

“We do not inherit the earth from out ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”

-Native American Proverb


Posted on April 2, 2019 .