May your flowers bloom

Who else is as excited as I am to finally have warm weather? I absolutely love changing seasons! When I was a child I remember every season and holiday change. My mother had decorations for every single holiday and season. I especially remember the handmade appliance covers she made. Beautiful hand quilted covers for the toaster, toaster oven, and mixer. It just felt like the final piece. In the summer it was Red white and blue themed, and I remember thinking beach season and backyard bbq are on their way.

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As a mother myself now I try to carry on the traditions with my own family. Nothing would bring me greater joy than to hear them say “thank you for the traditions” when they get older. So what does it look like for us? And what can you do to enhance or start creating your own? I’m glad you asked!

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I’m always looking for ways to get the family outside, I love being outdoors and I think it’s important to stay connected to nature so this year we amped up our backyard by building our own fire pit, added a few Adirondack chairs, some tiki torches and voila! Our own backyard retreat. The big box stores have fire pit kits you can purchase or you can build it yourself. They also have firebowls that are portable and can be brought in if need be. Can you smell the s’mores yet?? I may be an adult but when I think of a campfire I think of s’mores, and do you know what cannot eat my s’mores, or me? Bugs!!!

Bugs are in my opinion the only downfall to summer time. I suppose you have to take the bad with the good though... or do you? Insert super scary muahahah laugh... the bloodsuckers are out but I’ve got a few tricks to keep those vampy bugs at bay. The dollar store has plastic spray bottles that you can fill yourself, so grab a couple of those. Fill each bottle with water then add any of these mixtures of these essential oils.

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Mixture #1

For bee repellent

Equal parts lemongrass and peppermint

Mixture #2

For wasps

Clove oil

I recommend spraying this around the area outside you’ll be enjoying. Clove is very strong and might be unpleasant if applied directly to clothing.

Mixture #3

Mosquito be gone



Mixture #4

Alternate mosquito




Hopefully these will help you keep the bugs at bay so you can go out and play!

Now if you don’t love s’mores I have some other tasty treats to share with you to keep you and your family cooled off! Even a little something for your pup to enjoy!

DIY popsicles are so much fun to make and you can get really creative! Try using yogurt with chopped fruit, or even herbal tea with cut fruit. The kids can make smoothie pops or orange cream sickle pops. I’m telling you the possibilities are endless. Walmart, target and other places will have summer themed molds on the shelves that will beg to be filled! Amazon even has dog bone shaped molds for your pup! Fill them with plain yogurt and peanut butter, and your pooch will think they’ve gone to heaven!!

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I hope you’ve enjoyed these tips for an unforgettable summer and I’d love to hear any traditions you had as a child or have started with your own family. Leave a comment below and share your summer stories.


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Posted on April 30, 2019 .