Time for a fresh start!

Once again it is the time of year that children dread and parents rejoice in. Back to School! Although I was never a fan of school itself, as soon as it ended for summer the count down for back to school shopping began; and THAT I enjoyed. ( I apparently have loved office supplies from a young age) My mum and I would have to pace ourselves to not go out right away and just buy everything right away. To this day there are few things I find more simple and pure joy in than a new box of crayons. However, if they were purchased too early on in summer, they wouldn’t be around come the new school year. Picking out all the matching binders and folders was always exciting and circulated around a main theme that I had chosen for that school year. Lisa Frank progressed into my favorite boyband, Backstreet Boys. ( AJ- you will always have my heart BSB4EVA). Next came picking out the perfect backpack. The one that was big enough to carry all of my books but had enough pockets to give the appearance of organization while simultaneously losing all of my pens.

Although as adults we may not find ourselves stocking up on notebooks and markers during this season, we are still affected with this change of season. It may not be fall quite yet, but we all sense it is near. The smell of sunscreen and salty hair is fading away, along with the easiness of summer. This summer during Summer Series we showed you how to love your natural texture by “Embracing the Undone”. Natural texture is great all yea,r however I find myself gravitating to it more during summer and then ready for a change as fall approaches. The actual style isn't the only thing I like to change seasonally. I love to see a change in wardrobe ( even if its only a slight change here in FL), a change in hair color, and a fresh cut.

Even if you aren't quite ready to make the change yet since its still 90+ degrees here, its still a good time to talk with your stylist and get a plan for your fall look. Changing your cut and/or style is something that can easily be done with just one appointment. Color on the other hand may require more than one appointment or a longer appointment than what you normally schedule. If you are on a 6 week maintenance schedule with your hair that is less than 4 appointments until CHRISTMAS and the new year! Can you believe it? Neither can I!

Sometimes I like to do mini changes on my guest as fall and winter approaches. This gives the opportunity for more change. Starting this month and next I will begin introducing some subtle low-lights to my high-light guests. Then in following visits begin glossing my highlights to a richer honey tone saying good-bye the icy blonde. For those guests that like to go with the shock factor of a big change it is time to schedule those appointments in the coming months that require larger blocks of time. With only 3-6 appointments left until the new year it is not only fun to imagine all of the possibilities but it is also the perfect time! If you are open to a change but not sure what you want, let your stylist know. Ask what they would do. So often we get stuck in a rut with our style. Change doesn't have to be massive. Sometimes a subtle change is enough to make you feel like you've gotten a whole new look. Pinterest is a great resource for finding inspiration from big change to subtle shift. Don't be discouraged if you cant find one photo of what you like. Sometimes it takes multiple photos. Think of it as a vision board. You can like the length on one, the layers on another, and the fringe on a third. The base color of one, the color of the highlights another and the effect of the highlights on yet another. If you get your cut and color done together there are six pictures. It’s about finding something that is right for your face shape, skin tone, eye color and lifestyle. Show them all to your stylist and let them help you put together the perfect look for you.

As school would begin you may have memories of picking out your first day style. What to wear? How to style your hair? Which lipstick? This outfit may define how you were seen in the coming school year. It was a fresh start. You got to make this decision (unless you wore a uniform like me). As an adult there is no clear “fresh start”- so why not today? Why not this week? Why not make your next hair appointment one that changes things up?


Posted on August 4, 2019 .