Treat yo' self

-The wheel of life is in continuous motion. You can’t stop it, you might as well embrace the little moments along the way-

This “mantra” or “motto” is what I try to live by. There are certainly days that it’s harder than others. We’ve been gearing up at my house lately, getting the kids ready to go back to school. Getting physicals done, and checking off the school supply list. It’s been a little hectic to say the least. The kids feel the anxiety coming on too, they worry about their new teachers, how many friends will be in my classes? All the upcoming homework. Even our dog is wondering what all the bustle is about! It’s in these times that we yearn for a break, a little downtime to decompress.

Even if you live by yourself or with a significant other, this I believe is true for all of us. The wheel of life will have it’s tense moments, and it’s quiet moments. In every season I feel it’s important to take time for ourselves. To find a quiet place, to reflect, and unwind. When we take these moments we allow the spinning wheel to slow down for a bit, and allows us to catch our breath if you will.

Here at LG Howard &Co. we believe this so much, that it’s part of our culture. We understand that your haircut or color appointment may be one of your few moments to recharge. Which is why we are passionate about our complimentary “rituals” with our guests. Every guest is greeted with a smile, and every service starts with an aroma journey where we invite you to experience three aromas. Once you choose your aroma, we use it to provide a relaxing scalp, neck, and shoulder massage. Then while we are washing your hair, we apply your conditioner and we wrap a hot towel around your hair and perform an arm and hand massage. Sounds amazing right? It is amazing and we believe all of you are too!

Spending time on ourselves is important. It allows us to remember who we are, and it re charges our batteries.

“Within the confines of our ordinary physical form exists a subtler conscious body, so called because it is intimately connected with deep levels of consciousness. It is from these subtler levels that the potential energy of blissful wisdom arises, an energy capable of transforming the quality of our life completely.... It represents who we are, and what we can become.” -Lama Thubten Yeshe

My favorite way to recharge is to take a relaxing bath. I go all out on this process, lit candles, dried flowers, essential oils, and Epsom salts in the tub. My favorite pianist “yiruma” playing. For you it might be going for a pedicure, or walking along the beach and listening to the waves crash. Maybe it’s getting out your camera and getting some great shots of the sky.

How about a coffee date by yourself at Starbucks with a good book?

My husbands favorite moments are cutting the grass and going to the gym. He says when he cuts the grass the sound of the mower is loud enough to drown out his worrying mind. Now mowing the lawn in no way sounds relaxing to me, but this is my point. Allow yourself to discover what brings you joy, And do it with the intention to quiet the mind. To stop thinking about our to-do lists, and not worry about the needs of others for 15 minutes. It’s not selfish to fill your own cup back up. You deserve it and you are worthy of it.

Compassion is for everyone, including yourself. Have a blissful month


Posted on September 3, 2019 .